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What is Instalab?

Not only great entertainment for guests, but a fantastic business

How does it work?
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We set up equipment at events and functions of any size.

We photograph guests or ask them to scan a QR-code and upload photos from their smartphones or social media. These photos we print out as magnets with the customer's logo, and then give out to the guests. Using only one set of our equipment, we can produce up to 800 high-quality, waterproof photo magnets per hour.

Photo magnets are personalised souvenir with the customer's logo, which guests are certain to keep.

We are able to make magnets in the shapes of squares, hearts, circles, stars, rectangles, and even polaroids or business cards.

Although we are usually hired by event management or marketing companies, it's also possible to set up Instalab at public events and sell magnets to guests, or even to open a booth in a shopping centre.

With each individual magnet costing less than 20c to produce, Instalab competes easily with serious typography services. The quality of our magnets is truly impeccable, and our equipment can be transported by one man in a small car, and easily set up on a standard office desk. Not only that, it takes all of 20 minutes to teach someone how to use it, even if they've never done anything like it before.

Instalab is already established, and working successfully, in 50 cities throughout Russia, Europe and Central Asia. We host telegram-groups, where our partners chat regularly and share their experiences with each other.

Our mission now is to find English-speaking partners around the world. Come join us!

Where does Instalab work?

maximize your income by diversifying


Instalab is most often invited to corporate and private functions, as well as festivals, BTL and promotional campaigns of big companies


An Instalab stall in a shopping centre takes up all of 1.5 square metres and brings in a steady and reliable income


Many different companies order magnetic business cards from us: delivery services, dental and veterinary clinics, as well as beauty salons and cafes

"The decision to buy a franchise was quite spontaneous, but I haven't once regretted it. My profits are growing quickly, as is my client base.".

Daria Teslenko (Instalab Krasnodar)

Main advantages

Working with us, you will benefit from:


Our equipment enables the quick production of bright, perfectly smooth photo magnets, which are also waterproof and don't fade in the sun. We already offer 16 different magnet formats. Using the same set of equipment, it is also possible to create photo stickers and photographs. This equipment is easy to transport and can be set up by just one person.


Our partners, from 50 different cities, talk daily on our private telegram-chats, sharing their ideas and experiences with one another. Our partners are talented, professional, and simply fantastic people, who have already become friends. Join us - you won't be lonely!


Instalab brings profit and return on investment even in small cities. It's a highly profitable business with minimal expenses. Unlike with a cafe or a shop, you don't have to rent commercial space or hire permanent staff, which means your risks are also minimal.


Instalab has already grown from a startup into a confident, dynamically developing company. For us, reliability is not just an empty word. We value our reputation very highly, and meet all of our obligations.


You decide how you want to run Instalab. You could work at events and functions, take online orders, or even run a booth in a shopping centre. We are constantly coming up with new products and functions for you to offer your clients.


You will not be left alone with your questions. Our specialists, as well as our other partners, will be helping you every step of the way. We are available on the phone, as well as on our forums and live chat. Plus, we always have extra materials in storage.


from our partners and clients

Some projects

that were especially memorable

"Instalab suited us perfectly: exceptional quality products; innovation; the highest quality of equipment and software; constant growth; great technical support, and a community of colleagues who exchange ideas everyday. And most importantly — joy in the process."

Andrei Leluke

Magnet formats

As well as stickers, cards and photographs.
We have a whole collection of fantastic formats and products. For example:

How much does it cost?

and what's included?

Well, it depends on your location and the current cost of equipment. To receive an exact quote send us a request. We promise not to spam.

Equipment: Mitsubishi dye-sublimation photo printer Compact die-cutting machine Dies of your choice Portable stand for photo magnets Dies of your choice Paper, ink-ribbon and adhesive magneic sheets Transport cases and other accessories Sofware and services: Instalab Pictomag software license Instalab Wall software license to create a photo-mosaic murral at any event Instalab Quick service to print photos via QR-code Personal user's account, our manuals, corporate e-mail and Telegram groups Promo materials Consultation with our specialists and ongoing technical support

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Our story

There are still many big events and developments ahead of us. But it's still important to look back now and then.

First project in Moscow

Developing the concept, working on our production technology and writing our software took almost 9 months. Instalab first saw the light at the "Innovative Event" in Moscow.

First big event

One of our clients had a bold idea to build the biggest sofa in the world. We printed 2400 magnets in just 6 hours. Happy locals asked us where and when they could purchase the equipment.

Instalab goes to Chicago

The company Shake Shack really liked Instalab at the opening of their restaurant in Moscow. They wanted the same thing for the opening of a new restaurant in Chicago, but couldn't find anything like Instalab in the US. Very surprised, they invited us to come specially from Moscow. Just one of our employees managed to deliver the equipment and work at the event.


Finally, we were ready to launch Instalab as a franchise. We took part in a franchise expo and signed agreements with our first 4 partners.

Rapid growth

Instalab affiliates are opening not only all across Russia, but also abroad. Today, our partners represent Instalab in over 50 cities. Meanwhile, we've introduced 15 new magnet formats and added multiple new capabilities to our software. We are continuing to grow and to work on improving our service, so that our partners can increase their profits.

Thank you for reading

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